Game Over

Well it's finally over, 59 days of fun has come to an end
Made it back home to Texas and was welcomed with 100º temps and flat surf
That just makes the memories even better!
K Mack did great, he handled the pavement, the dirt, the raging river, and the solitude with no problem and only whined once, maybe twice
Boss Hobbs made it out for the last few days of the Bronanza and put a working on his freshly gone through XR400, this guy can ride anything two wheels anywhere

Side note: I witnessed Jake eat a handfull of almonds that he set on the ground!
Most of yall won't believe that, but I seen it with my own eyes
The KTM did great, and had a voracious appetite for parts
It went through a set of fork seals, a head pipe, silencer packing, front tire, headlight bulb, kickstand, a radiator shroud, axle adjuster bolt, and a front brake rotor, I must say it knows how to party!
It's gonna get the spa treatment this winter, complete tear down and rebuild for next years Bronanza
Thanks to everyone who made it out for the 1st ever Dirtmoto Bronanza
The rest of yall got 10 months to get it together for next year...


Slovy said...

I don't know if I can handle it again.

BCM said...

10 months? I better get it together.

Kevin Mack said...

ill be there again next year chasing the wizard on Davo's Trail.

p.s. beware of the Meeting Tree Loop. It turns men into boys.

See everyone in 10 months!!!!

Internet1%er said...

Is it weird that I feel better yall are home. Circle yes or no
call me

Internet1%er said...

Slovy turn in your patch.

antihero1972 said...

Rob, Its Mike B from SLC you failed to come to Speedweek, missed you bro you too Kevin it was great meeting you guys on the Yellowstone trip. Lets twist another sometime soon.