Light it up!

Wet weather makes for great shop time. I made a little progress this weekend on my Acme-framed Triumph project. First I cut and reshaped the mount on this neat old spotlight, drilled and tapped the bottom tree and shaped both trees to have a larger radius on the edges. I've wanted to use this old Linkert float bowl as a tail light for several years. I found this neat guide light that was rusted junk inside, but had a cool glass lens and a decorative bezel (that I've never seen before) at a car swap meet a couple months ago. Sure enough, it fits right on the Linkert bowl after about thirty minutes with some small files. I beefed up the mechanism inside for holding it all together and now it feels bulletproof. The lens is clear, but inside is a small (but bright) red LED cluster. I used one of our registration tube ends as the cap on the back, but I'm gonna whip up something less decorative and replace it. Simple little things but fun to tinker on and it's amazing how long you can spend on the details.


HATER said...

Looks great, Bill. I'm really digging the details, especially the work on the trees and the taillight. Want me to come over and cross thread something?

Bill said...

Any time Hater, any time!