Slab City Riot 3 Update

Thanks to Oscar for letting me cherry pick his collection, we'll have some good flicks to choose from this Friday. Word on the street is that the Wuss Riders are even bringing popcorn!

Here's the booze situation. We're bringing a metric shit ton, but you guys can easily drink a metric shit ton, so if you want something special or don't want to dry out when we hit bottom, bring your own. Lowbrow stepped up this week and bought quite a collection of things that mix with with Coke and/or make good shots. They also have this snazzy bottle of Vodka pinstriped by Shawn at Imperial House 71 that will go to the winner of the Slowbrow Slowrace on Saturday. Street Chopper is bringing two kegs of PBR and whoever shows up with the best drinking vessel at the keg wins a big old bottle of something that will make your head hurt in the morning. A boot, viking horn, milk jug, whatever, be creative, win some fun. If you want to bring something to donate to the crowd, please feel free, but no charging for drinks or anything else, please. We've got tons of other chopper-related stuff to give away from the stage and I'll try to outline all of that tomorrow so you can see what some really generous sponsors are kicking down.

Note: Bring firewood if you have the capacity to haul it. Also, bring a musical instrument if you wanna get on stage and jam after the bands. A lot of talented musicians are going to be on hand so don't be surprised by how good the "aftershow" can get!


Hermit said...

Were the Hell's "Angles" parallel or obtuse ?

Bill said...

Hermit, I think they were "Right"... Nice catch, glad it's not my typo for once.