Biltwell Bonanza & Gringo Update

Here's the latest scoop on our new DOT-approved helmets.

Bonanza. This is the open face helmet that replaces previous models like the Hustler and El Fuerte. We will have these in stock and ready to ship by the end of this week.

Colors: Gloss Black, Gloss Vintage White, Flat Black, Flat Primer Red, Flat Titanium, Root Beer Mega Flake, Wine Red Mega Flake and Gang Green Mega Flake.

Prices: Flat and Gloss colors are $99.95 and all Mega Flakes will be $119.95

Fitment: These are the same shell and foam shape as the previous El Fuertes. The only difference is some labeling and the foam density. If you had an EF and liked the fit, the Bonanza should be a direct replacement for you. Sizes are XS thru XXL.

Gringo. The much anticipated full-face DOT-approved lid. We've been ride and lab testing these for a while now. So far, the Gringo has passed everything needed for DOT certification. We are working on the second mold and making sure all sizes pass all tests. Sorry if this seems like it takes forever, it just does. We've learned not to rush the process.

Availability: We're hoping to have the first run (L, XL and XXL) ready to ship in May. A month or so after, we should have the smaller sizes (XS, S and M).

Colors: We're going to surprise you with this one. No reason to tell any other helmet companies what's coming next. Don't worry, you will like 'em and there will be more choices later on down the road.

Sizing: These are not the tiny Japanese novelty style helmets that fit super close to your face. These are real helmets and have reasonable proportions. When placed next to a modern sport bike helmet they look tiny. Think 1970's flat track. If you like that look, you'll like these. We'll do some action shots and comparisons before they go on sale so you can see the lids in context. For now, all we have is this one of me from about a month ago (thanks, Austin).

Features: None. Just kidding, there are a few, but compared to a contemporary, feature-laden sport bike helmet, the Gringo is quite sparse. We did this on purpose because we like the simple look of early full-face lids. There are no vents. There will be five snaps. A flat, non flip-up clear screen will be available, and Biltwell Moto Goggles and Bubble Shields work with the snaps and eye port.

Price: Figure around $150 USD

Check out our website for all helmet and helmet accessory availability.

That's about it. If you have further questions, feel free to ask them here so other people can see the answers too. -Bill


Anonymous said...

nice. excited to be wearing one soon.

62 Ironhead said...

I have a few of the Hustler helmets, can you tell me the difference between a Hustler and the new Bonanza, thanks.

Hermit said...

Good to see you back in the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to grab a couple of these!
Any plans to use the chrome trim around the eye opening?


-Big Cat Stevens

The Crew said...

62 Ironhead,

It's a smaller shell than the Hustler.

Big Cat,

No plans for chrome trim so far. But, any of the good helmet painters out there have resources for that and could customize one for you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill!
-Big Cat
Janmar & Sons Classic Cycles

Anonymous said...

Very nice Helmet.
Hope to see one in Switzerland soon.

62 Ironhead said...

Can you tell me if the size medium and large use the same size external shell, with the only difference being the padding internally, thanks.

Bill said...

62, on both Bonanza and Gringo, there are two sizes: XS, S and M are one shell, and a slightly larger one is used for the L, XL and XXL.

Anonymous said...

What kind of weight are we looking at for large gringo?

Jerry said...

Hi, will you be taking pre-orders for the Gringo helmet?

The Crew said...

Anonymous, I'll try to weigh one today and see.

Jerry, no pre orders. We'll post up as soon as they are ready to go.

Tim said...

Oh man I can't wait for the Gringo. How glasses friendly will it be?

Bill said...

Tim, check these pics from last week. You can see Mike is wearing glasses under his bubble shield. I usually run mine with full-size Electric glasses and no face shield. Hope that helps. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151519873077512.1073741831.51583012511&type=3

Anonymous said...

Any chance to see a Bonanza with ECE approved ?

The Crew said...

Hopefully someday, yes on the ECE.

Anonymous said...

what about Gringo and ECE?
Sexiest one around but not for Europe :(

Anonymous said...

Yes, you would me/us so happy with an ECE approved Gringo !! Looking forward for your reply

Anonymous said...

Hi please certify this for ECE, its such a nice design and it sucks that it's illegal in the UK! The DOT and ECE R22.05 are very similar in terms of requirements so it can't be too difficult to certify it surely?