Biltwell Open House & EDR Pre-Party

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Our little shop isn't much to look at--most of our bike-building equipment is in our respective personal garages--but by April 18 the Biltwell warehouse in Temecula, CA, should have enough products in stock that Chris will no longer have to say "Four to six weeks…" on the phone again!

To celebrate this milestone--and to show our appreciation to everyone who waited so patiently for our products to arrive--Chris, Bill and I are hosting an open house at Biltwell HQ on April 18. This is the night before everyone leaves Temecula for San Felipe, Baja Mexico on the 2007 El Diablo Run.

The Biltwell Open House & EDR Pre-Party will be a low-key affair from 4 to 9pm on Wednesday, April 18. A local rotisserie chicken restaurant called Juan Pollo ("John Chicken" to those in the know) is catering the deal, and we'll be serving Newcastle on tap. Promptly at 9pm we will close the doors and take the party to a cheesy new bar about 100 feet from our office called Hard Hats. We know the place sounds like a gay bar, but the busty bimbos and ex-strippers who work there will have you thinking otherwise.

See you on the 18th...

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