Biltwell Sponsors Four Aces Bonneville Ass-SALT

It's official: Wes White of Four Aces Cycle is taking his vintage Triumph to Bonneville again in 2007, and Biltwell is supporting the effort. For a blow-by-blow description of the blood, sweat and gears that go into an LSR assaualt of this magnitude, please visit the blog at www.fouracescycle.com. Why Four Aces, and why Bonneville? Well, our very own Chris Collins joined Wes and company on their assault on Bonneville last year, and it changed his life! To help Wes in his conquest for the land speed record, Biltwell graphic designer Bill Bryant has designed a commemorative T-shirt, and Chris has acquired a motor of his own from the venerable Four Aces stable. With a little money and a lot of luck, Wes, Chris and fellow Four Aces contender Chuck will make it a three-man sweep for the speed record in their respective classes. Stay tuned to this blog for news and information as it develops. To buy a Four Aces commemorative t-shirt, please visit the Four Aces Cycle home page.

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