One Size Fits Most? How is that Possible?

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Today Chris, Bill and I had lunch with Courtney, the esteemed editor of "Street Choppers" magazine, at a tasty sushi joint in Corona, CA. Courtney brought some recent issues of his aforementioned ascendent periodical, plus more ubiquitous titles like "Hot Bike" and "Baggers" magazine. Needless to say, we were impressed. Since joining forces with "Hot Bike" editor Ernie Lopez, both titles have taken a star turn in terms of variety, creativity and breadth of knowledge and perspective. Courtney was very flattering in his praise for our efforts with Biltwell products, and showed his appreciation by featuring our seat pan and seat bracket in the new products section of this month's "Hot Bike" magazine. Ernie and some co-workers and friends joined us on last spring's EDR, and his account of the adventure can be seen in this month's "Street Choppers." Thanks to both gentlemen for their continued faith and generous support.

To help us illustrate the One Size Fits Most capability of our popular Biltwell helmet, Courtney agreed to model a root beer brown unit on his generously proportioned cranium. As you can see, the flexible Biltwell helmet fits Courtney like his favorite beanie. We asked Court if he could ride 5 or 6 hours in our helmet without discomfort, and he enthusiastically said, "Hell yes!"

Who are we to argue with a man with a size 8 grape?

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