We have them!!!! If you are a pinstriper, shop, distributor, guy on the street with a Dr. prescrition to wear protective gear, then call, e-mail or stop by!!! Ok if you have a Rx maybe not. They are not DOT and I have coined them the "very danger" after our Japanese friend Yuriko who wore a helmet shell and said she was very danger!!! Either way they are in and we will be gone from here in a week for all of August so get your order in now so I can ship it or get stuck waiting for 3 weeks while we are in Bonneville supporing Wes and Chuck efforts for new records and then on to NY for the Love to Hate Gypsies Run! Oh and if you have questions about sizes, well they are one size fits most and that goes for the larger melons too! See our good friend in an earlier post below.

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