Marks Bike

There is a long history and story behind this bike for me. If you were on the first EDR you may recognize the tank. I put it on a bike I rode on the run and wore one of Marks helmets. This is the bike it belongs too. Mark Udell is a friend of mine and this is his bike. He bought it new in 91 and is the only owner. He got killed a few years ago now. He was riding this bike home from work back in OKC and got clipped by a SUV attempting to change lanes. I am putting this bike back the way he had it and it will take new residence at our friend Page's house. Here is to Mark and tip a Red Stripe, Fosters, Guiness Car Bomb, Boulevard, hell just about any beer back for him this weekend. And if you hear The Clash or The Who turn it up so he can hear it.


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