They Don't Have to Respect Women—They're Goddamned Daredevils!

Enough eulogies have been shared since The King of The Daredevil's demise that I won't bother adding to the pile. While researching another daredevil from my youth I stumbled upon this great site: www.cyclejumpers.com. On Cycle Jumpers you'll find great bio's on dozens of brave men and women who earned a living the hard way in Evel's insurmountable wake. The daredevil from my youth was a man named Bob Gill. Like so many other unfortunate stunt jumpers before and after him, Bob Gill landed in an Everest & Jennings after wadding up over a 200-foot chasm. In typical daredevil fashion, Bob Gill loaded his wheelchair into the custom sidecar on his handi-capable KZ900 and rode across the United States. I met Bob at a BMX event in Florida around 1977 or '78. Myself and my friends Greg and Bryan Esser and Brian Webb stayed at Bob's house in St. Petersburg. In the eyes of this 15-year-old BMX racer, Bob Gill was The Man. you can read about Bob Gill's fight to walk again on his personal website: www.bobgillwalksagain.com.

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