Mike's Bike

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. I brought this bike home from Nick McClean's house in Carson City, Nevada almost exactly two years ago. After blowing it up and changing nearly every single piece on it to something else, it's time to part ways. A guy from NYC named Mike made an offer last month, just before I was going to put it up for sale to fund the next project or three and I couldn't say no. He arranged for me to send the tins to the world famous "Harpoon" who banged out a nutty pinstripe job over the gold flake, with a matching Biltwell Helmet and "wal-lah!" Mike's got a sweet unit now. I had a blast riding this thing around NYC this summer so it's kind of ironic that the machine is headed back that direction. Come to think of it when I bought it from Nick, it had a NY registration, so maybe it's just finding it's way home. Good luck with my baby, Mike!

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