Out with The Old, In with The New...

After eight months of faithful service, including epic rides on last year's EDR and the second annual Smokeout West in AZ, I'm putting the third bike in my quiver of hand-built death traps out to pasture. That's right: my 1999 XL883 Sportster Smokin' Gun is for sale. I'm moving this sweet unit to make room in the Biltwell fab shop for another project. Our friend Rob Warren has graciously offered to give me his circa '70s CB450 basket case in exchange for some Biltwell bits and pieces for his current project. I chronicled the construction of this bike on the Jockey Journal last winter, and many great people helped me get it off the ground. Thanks to Jason at Flyrite for the awesome Smokin' Gun frame, and Andy Jenkins for the outlandish paint. Of course Christian at Xian Leatherworks gets chubby hollers for doing me right on the 813 seat. Bob at Temecula Motorcycle Repair made sure all my handiwork passed mechanical muster, so this bike is a runner. She's priced to move at $7,500, but I'll knock a couple Ben Franklins off that number if you're a local buyer who makes things easy on me. For more info, please email haroldmcgruther@ca.rr.com

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