Sidecar Action

How stoked is Eli going to be with these pics in about twenty years?

So the side car on that old 76 FLH I picked up out in Havasu last year made it's way out to Jersey around December. Walt, (
Kickstart Cycle Supply, best Biltwell dealer in NJ...) wanted that thing SO bad. Almost a year later, he's fitted it to his shovel, given Eli a good ride and had his WWII/Korea-vet father-in-law ride in it for a local Memorial Day parade. Mission Accomplished dude! After all that, he hates it. Anyone wanna buy a HD sidecar chassis with an aluminum aircraft drop tank turned side car body? Hit him up if you're interested!

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SUMO said...

he was warned about the interesting nature of sidecars... but you cant not grin ridin one, no matter how bad they can ride they are a blast