Wiring a Mac in Germany / Don't try this at home

So I am overseas in Germany and Holland visiting distributors and friends and I forgot to pick up an adaptor for my electrical plugs. Figured I'd grab one on the trip but I haven't found one yet and my computer battery and phone were pretty much dead when I got to a hotel today. I just re wired my lathe and so I figured I could make my computer work by changing up the plug wires. I have a surge protector hooked up as well so hopefully no worries.


Rob said...

overseas tech tip #1

Anonymous said...

Chris, we have 220V so be carefull! I have adaptors for you tomorrow.

blackadder said...


You crack me up...you can make something from nothing.

Travel safe and stick to non-electrical projects so we can continue to get Biltwell products. Give Duke a hug and kiss for me as well.