eBay Gold

Found this lurking in the background of a dissimilar item on eBay last night. Hhhmmm. Tasty long swingarm and boxy molding. Are those Mikunis? Wonder if they'd sell it off cheap...

EDIT: I heard back from the seller. It's in Indiana and they want $2900 for it. Hasn't run in 20 years but turns over. I found it buried in an ad for a shortened VW bus (no don't need it!) and got the contact info: koartge123@hughes.net Kinda sounds like kids selling off a cool grandpa's old toys. If I were local I'd pursue it and lowball 'em 'cause it's a cool ass bike and I bet with cash you could do much better than what they are asking. Good luck!

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Chris said...

yes and Mikuni's Rule!