Ground Zero Giveaways

GROUND ZERO FOUR is coming up soon, so get your shit together!

We just got word from Trent over the weekend that there is going to be a cool raffle.

Two big prizes to get given away;
Spartan Frame (stock dimension, big twin straight leg)
and a $1200 worth of paintjob from Lucky's Seven.

That's some big ticket items so be sure to get a couple tickets ($20 a ticket, but worth it).

Here's a link to some photos from riding out there last year: GROUND ZERO PICS

Ground Zero Throwdown 3.0 from Biltwell Inc. on Vimeo.

And a little video of me following Trent through the woods on his knuck.

See you in New Mexico!

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BFJosh said...

poor camera was such a trooper it will be missed