Vantastic Monday

We had a pretty Vantastic weekend at the Bryant house. My dad came up and helped me and the boy start in on his Econo's interior. We got the sub floor in, all the framing, insulation and panelling on the walls. It's the first van I've done like this and none of us are carpenters, but it's coming out pretty sweet so far. No detailed pics yet 'cause there is some trim to add still. Hopefully we'll get the pad and carpet in this week and maybe the headliner next weekend.

The kid's old van needs a few small bits, so my buddy Matt "Baja" Frick headed out to Pick-a-Part in Ontario this morning. Junk yards rule. This one was a let down for 2nd Generation Econos, not a single one in sight, but they had plenty of mid Dodges. As gross as some of those old vans in there are, (who shit in the ice cream van, I mean c'mon!) it was worth crawling around in them for today's score; two matching dome lights in sophisticated bronze finish, a nice small snack tray in great shape and a complete perfect diamond window for $13.00.

What bums me out is in California you have to be 16 now to get into a junk yard. I found this out a year ago when we bought this van as a project and me and the kid immediately headed out to scavenge parts, only to be turned away. I called several within driving distance of Temecula, and heard the same story. WTF?

In other van news, if you have an Econoline, check this forum: Link


Jahluv said...
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Jahluv said...

The yards I've been to in East LA and South LA don't enforce this rule... My son tagged along with me on few runs...