Carey Brobeck did a great job on an Easyriders story about this year's El Diablo Run. Thanks dude! Hard to believe we got a mention on the cover and four pages inside. Pretty neat to be in a mag that size, even if it's not our regular style book. At least it lets that demographic know that something else is going on out there and it ain't all chaps, tassels and .38 Special. As cool as it is to see something you love in print, it's also when we always start to back away from it. With that in mind I think we'll let the EDR rest next year and maybe the next. It's the kind of thing to us that has to stay special and doing it every year kind of takes the luster off of the whole thing. It also lets the attention die down so we don't have too many people interested in it.

We are still going to do a Mexico run in the spring but it will be more like the Biltwell 500 was, smaller, less moving parts and tougher. We won't do it on Mother's Day this year but it'll be around that same end of April, early May time frame. There are some hot springs about 55 miles south of San Felipe called Puertocitos that are pretty fun and the fishing is great. They've been paving the road south of Puerto at a pretty good rate over the last year or two and I really doubt many (if any) choppers have been down that road yet. So it will be cool to ride that new ribbon of pavement with the Sea of Cortez on our left for the first time on non-off road bikes. Stay tuned, we'll do a pre run here in early fall to check on the restaurant and gas station there and announce the details on everything as soon as we work 'em out.

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Terry Whitehurst said...

Never the less the chick on the cover is hot!