Nor Cal Day 3

So day three started at the KOA in Petaluma where they were glad to see us leave. See, the night before we were just having a good time and then Scotty, Gaysey, BHall, Marc and more rolled in and it turned into a great time. Our local friends took us through Napa (I think) and over to the Old Stf open house, where Gabe was cooking some chow and we relaxed in the shade, checked out the new shop and hung out for a while. Eventually we had to split off from The Riding Buds and head for the city. That part of the ride was uneventful and seemed to take forever. We were about two exits from the bridge when Jason's pressure plate broke. It took us a while to figure it out and come to the conclusion there was no fixing it without parts. Luckily we got in touch with Matt in the van and he turned around and came to the rescue. We rode into the city in the dark with no more drama except dodging crack heads and trying to find parking. Hot showers and 11:00PM dinner found us pretty nagged out. Jason did the research and found out Dudley Perkins HD was open the next morning, so we hatched a plan to get down there as soon as we could the next day. I didn't shoot any video on day three, so here's a slide show.

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